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Your doll is special to you, whether full of memories or a valued
addition to your collection; every doll is unique.
Wondering how your doll might look after a trip to hospital?
Take a look at these repairs to get an idea…

...I'm a little doll who was dropped and broken
Falling off my mummy's knee...

Marie - When we cleaned up Mum's house I found my old doll in a box - fallen to pieces, no hair, but full of memories. Dr David repaired her beautifully and she now sits in pride of place in my daughter's room. Thanks David

Elizabeth - Thank you for my doll received safely in the post today - she is taking pride of place in my collection. I will be sending you some more dolls to restring & repair shortly. I appreciate your efforts and helpful service.

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Pedigree Dolls

Pedigree DollsPedigree DollsPedigree DollsPedigree Dolls

Pedigree DollsPedigree DollsPedigree DollsPedigree Dolls

Baby Boomer Dolls Restored - Memories come alive

Pedigree walkers a specialty - wigs and mama voices replaced

...I'm a little doll who has just been mended...

Celluloid Dolls

Celluloid Dolls

Still in hospital...
This kind of face and nose damage is common to older dolls and can be repaired

Celluloid DollsCelluloid DollsCelluloid DollsCelluloid Dolls

Celluloid DollsCelluloid DollsCelluloid Dolls

...Are my blue eyes bright, do I look alright...

Antique Dolls

Antique Dolls Restored but not over-repaired.
We aim to maintain the maximum value by keeping original features

Broken porcelain repaired, Sleep eyes reset, New period bodies and wigs if needed.

Antique DollsAntique DollsAntique DollsAntique Dolls

Antique DollsAntique DollsAntique DollsAntique Dolls

...Are My Ears On Straight, Is my nose in place
Have I got a cute expression on my face?...

Character Dolls

Character DollsCharacter Dolls The Little Tapping Man who now lives in Block Arcade.

Character DollsCharacter Dolls Gerry Gee.

Character DollsCharacter DollsCharacter Dolls

Repairing Shirley Temple Doll, Little Red Riding Hood, and Santa.